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Why LED Technology is Improving to Extend Product Life

No one argues that LED is the future of the lighting industry. LED provides better lighting with less waste per product. Because the demand for LED products and green development is on the rise, LED technology has greatly advanced in the last year to accommodate the demand for superior lighting options in homes and businesses.Companies that produce LED neon lights understand the importance of their LED neon lighting solutions maintaining a life span that outweighs cost and installation. The most significant ... Read more

Why Your Business Needs Commercial LED Lighting Products

When it comes to lowering your business’s energy consumption and increasing your bottom line, your lighting plays a much bigger role than you realize. If you are using incandescent lighting, or even CFLs, you are surely spending much more money than you need to while doing the planet a disservice. Instead, you need to be using commercial LED lighting products. Here’s why:Extremely Energy EfficientFor starters, you won’t find anything more energy efficient. Just take a look at Walgreens, who just introduced ... Read more

Why Iconic Commercial Signs are Changing to LED Neon

Cities are most notable for their eccentric lights and advertisements. Walking down the sidewalk, it's impossible not to feel the energy of the flashing signs that promise a good time, or the neon lights that welcome you to a hotel. However, traditional neon signs are quickly being replaced by a more economical and green solution: LED neon flex lights.LED lights look almost identical to their neon counterparts, and they are convincing at both short and long distances. The Old Drake, a ... Read more

Big City Lights

As time progresses, certain areas become more and more populated with both residents and businesses. These areas continue to grow until they are considered the largest and most popular cities in the world. These cities include such places as New York City, Las Vegas, Paris and Tokyo. As these cities have grown over the years, more and more sites and attractions have been developed.Some of the most iconic sites of these cities include the Eiffel Tower and Times Square. Thousands and ... Read more

LED Lights Advantages and Stats

When LED lights are compared with fluorescent lights, there are many points that make the LED bulb better. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and use 8 watts per foot. They are constructed with glass materials and are very fragile. On the other hand, LED bulbs do not contain mercury, and they are more energy-efficient, using 2-4 watts per foot. LED lights are rubberized, making them hail, rock and vandal proof.LED lights are also longer lasting than fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. Whereas a ... Read more
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